About Us
  Takana Consulting has committed itself to being the premiere IT managed service provider in the USA. Our success is predicated on a handful of tools and methodologies that have proven effective in every situation we have undertaken; from industries as diverse as health care and waste management to corporations and sole proprietors.
Our core philosophy is based on the fact that information technology
should be a valued asset to your business and not a burden. Solid and effective IT strategies and plans can streamline processes, increase productivity and reduce redundant costs.
To support the best implementation of technology at your business,
we use a “Best of Breed” approach; allowing us to customize
technology solutions to your specific business and applications.
We work with our customers together as a team to develop
the best technology solutions tailored for their business. At
Takana iTechnology Solutions we strive not to be viewed as
an outsider but rather as a valued Partenr that you can
rely upon for knowledgeable and effective service.
Allow us the opportunity to make information
technology work for you and alleviate
your IT headaches.
Our experiences with Takana have always been positive and productive, never failing to solve the crisis at-hand. Excellent. When I call, I know the response will be quick and that our problem(s) will go away. The main benefit to me is that once I turn a problem over to Takana I know it will be handled professionally and solved. I can direct my attention to other matters, Takana will take care of their end. No worries. I love that.
  Bill Wolter
  B&B Leasingco